Discover Akita with Kimono Rental Service


SASA PANDA DO aim to create special memories for visitors to Akita and add a touch of fun to the daily lives of Akita residents. We don’t have a physical shop for now.

Rental Kimono Plans

Enjoy kimono rental and dressing services. We can come to hotels, wedding halls or rental spaces in Akita city.

Pop-up Store

We offer temporary rental and dressing services at events such as cherry blossom festivals and fireworks displays. These event-specific services have different pricing and rental options compared to our regular services.

Kimono Dressing Lessons

Flexible lessons that don’t require a fixed curriculum. You can join in from a single session.

Sell Your Kimono

We buy back items including kimonos, yukatas, and dressing accessories at a flat rate of 100 yen per item.